What about me? Health course

We are really pleased that the carers health and wellbeing course “What About Me?” is making a return using zoom.  

This four-week information packed course gives carers with lots of health related hints and tips. We’ll cover healthy eating, physical activity, mental wellbeing, self-care and social isolation.

We will be joined by guest speakers and you will receive an info pack through the post containing a workbook and other resources to help you to continue to work on your health and wellbeing after the course has attended

You will be able to; meet with other carers for support, assess how you feel about your health and wellbeing, identify small changes that you want to make, set goals and receive support to help you to achieve them.

This session is accessed over the internet via Zoom. To take part you will need access to a computer, smart phone or tablet. If you need support to get involved, take a look at this helpful guide from People in Action. 

What to expect
This is a course designed by carers for carers, and brought to you by the Carers Good Health Project at Carers Leeds, funded by Bupa UK Foundation in partnership with Carers Trust.

Week 1: Introductory Week
A chance to get to know each other, and take a look at the course content. Complete a self assessment. Understand what we mean by ‘health and wellbeing’ and why it is so important for carers to be able to prioritise their own.
Week 2: Physical Activity
Includes a talk from Leeds Get Active who tells us about the benefits of physical activity and good nutrition, whilst also discussing some of the theories of ‘behaviour change’.
Week 3: How you Feel
This session will explore assertiveness, loneliness, resilience, self care, stress and relaxation.
Week 4: Time for Yourself
We go for a health walk. Look at how to get a break, pursue hobbies and interests. Revisit the self assessment completed during the introductory session.

Previous participants said it was: “a very useful course that gave me a wealth of information and supportive tips”. “It was very inclusive and interesting. I have learnt a lot and it was enjoyable and insightful.”
All attendees said they would recommend the course to someone else.

Previous attendee Madeleine from Guiseley said: “I was attracted to the 4 week course and I came and that was a lightbulb moment.  I didn’t realise I had been living on adrenalin.   The suggestions I gained-from other carers at the course-were invaluable. It is difficult to re-learn to look after yourself instead of looking after everybody else.  the course helped with this.  I am having to relearn how to be kind to myself.”

How to book:
Please contact Jo Foster on jo.foster@carersleeds.org.uk to secure your place before Monday 02 November or call 07508 426 656 for more information.


December 1, 2020 10:00 am


December 1, 2020 12:30 pm

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