Airedale & Wharfedale Autism Resource (AWARE) is a support group for families affected by autism. We produce a monthly newsletter, provide e-updates throughout the month and have a very active closed facebook group for members. We hold parents’ and carers’ meetings with knowledgeable speakers, regular socials including dads’ meet-ups and parent training courses. We also run lots of events for children, young people and their families including a weekly youth club; holiday play schemes; monthly cookery club and trip club for teenagers with autism; moving-on club for 18-25’s; residential short breaks for children 8-18 years and family residentials.

We run our events in Airedale, Wharfedale and Bradford. We are open to any family whether their child has a formal diagnosis or not and from any area;  however due to funding some of our services are only available to children from a particular authority.

We ask families to join which is £15/year and this can be done on our website https://aware-uk.org



2 Royd House Way, Long Lee, Keighley, BD21 4TY



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