Kidz Aware is not-for-profit charity/ social enterprise with 3 core values at our heart: Equality; Inspiring; Embracing. We exist to ensure that all children and adults with a disability have the opportunities to achieve their aspirations in life.

We understand first-hand what it means to be a family caring for a disabled child: Gillian Archbold created Kidz Aware in 2006 after her experience of fundraising for medical treatment for her own disabled child, Sabrina.

Despite successfully raising the funds required, Sabrina was not able to undergo the treatment and therefore Gillian gifted the money to other disabled children who were suitable for treatments that the NHS could not provide.

It was through this experience that Gillian recognised the need for a charity that could support the families of disabled children/Adults and that’s what Kidz Aware has been doing ever since. Gillian and Sabrina still run Kidz Aware together.

We believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution to society, but people with disabilities face greater challenges. We want all individuals with any kind of disability to have a voice and be part of a wider solution that supports disability at every level of society.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves or we’ve supported other families through the same issues. We see people first rather than their disability and we want to help people achieve everything they can in life.

So far we have reached over 800 families and educated over 42,000 children through our educational workshops. We have also achieved a 90% success rate in benefits assessments and appeals.

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