Escape Room **Parent/Carer Event**

Booking opens  Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm

Need a fun night off? We have booked rooms at Escape Hunt in The Light, Leeds for our parent/carers.

We have booked Blackbeard’s Treasure and World’s Collide at 17.45 on Saturday January 21st 2023.

Rooms take a maximum of 6 and we would ask either that you form your own groups of Hiccups parent/carers or would be willing to go in a room with other parent/carers. But hey – this is how lifelong friendships are made!

When booking, please let me know in the comments if you have a game preference and I will try my best to accommodate requests. I will try to put all those booking together in the same room. If you are booking separately and want to be with someone, let me know. Again – will try my best!

For this event, we are charging the full price of £22 BUT will refund £15 for attendees on the next working day after the event. So you will be getting a great company and a great night out for £7. 

We will not be able to refund non-attendees unless the venue gives us a refund! 

Blackbeard’s Treasure


Blackbeard is dead, his loot lies unguarded. Sink or swim? It’s up to you.

Step onto a pirate galleon in the middle of a battle for control of the High Seas. Your captain, the terrifying Blackbeard, has just been killed and his ship is shot to pieces and sinking fast.

With no chance of victory, you and your scurvy shipmates decide to jump ship – after helping yourself to the contents of Blackbeard’s legendary treasure chest.

You’ve broken into his cabin to grab all you can, but now the door has jammed shut and you’ve just 60 minutes to escape; any longer and you’ll drown – if the sharks don’t get you first.



World’s Collide


The Doctor needs you: a tear in space and time has been detected, and the Cybermen are about to break through!

Step into the future. Enter the offices of ChronosCorp HQ, where eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s efforts to develop commercial time travel have caused a tear in the fabric of space and time. The Cybermen are ready to take advantage and attack Earth.

You, the Doctor’s friends, must investigate the incident. The remains of Montague, his prototype time engine and the extensive collection of time-related artefacts acquired over the course of his experiments, are all that you have to work with.

In just 60 minutes the Cybermen will break through. The fate of the universe is in your hands. Take too long and the human race will be “upgraded”.



If no tickets are left, please get in touch by emailing I may have the option of adding more rooms. 


City centre. Plenty of parking and public transport available.

Max 2 wheelchair users per group.

Booking opens Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm

Book here:


January 21, 2023 5:45 pm


January 21, 2023 7:45 pm

Fees & Tickets


This event has no entrance fee

Event Venue


Escape Hunt The Light, The Headrow,, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 8TL