Sleep in Neurodivergent Young People

Neurodivergent people are a unique community of people and so it makes sense that our sleep and sleep priorities may differ from other people. This workshop will look at common neurodivergent traits and how these are our foundation blocks to creating sleep support. Attendants will be encouraged to help answer the question ‘what should sleep look like’ and ‘do ND kiddos have bedtime routines?’. We will also look at the most commonly reported sleep challenges and how our tailored support will address regulation and mental health needs.

Each in-person course will have a max of 15 attendees and will be in a Workshop format.The course will run 10am-12pm and there will be lunch provided afterwards as well as time for questions for the in-person course. When booking, please do let me know of any dietary requirements. Bookings close a week before the event to allow planning.

We apologise – but these courses are not suitable for children and there is no childcare available.

Meet your Instructor

Laura is Autistic/PDA and ADHD herself. She is a Nurse and Sleep Consultant, Advocate, and also a parent to two Neurodiverse children. So she is living the life and talking the talk. Her speciality is support of Autistic/ADHD people, but her teaching is created in way that can be helpful for all families as the foundations are around mental health, strengthening family relationships and self-advocacy.


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April 17, 2024 10:00 am


April 17, 2024 12:00 pm

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Leeds Mencap 20 Vinery Terrace, Leeds, LS9 9LU