Made with Music for ages 8-16

Made with Music is a charity in Leeds who provide accessible and educational live music experiences for families and young people.

Every 2 weeks they offer sessions to Sunshine & Smiles families of various ages and use signing and singing to encourage learning and fun.

This session is for children aged 8-16 and Made with Music encourage everyone to join in to allow each individual to enjoy the personal and social benefits singing brings to a group.

Join us!

Made with Music is a free session you can access via the Zoom app. If you would like to join the online Made with Music session, please email to confirm your attendance and please let us know the names of who will be attending.

If you have time, can you prepare:

  1. Something to hide behind (e.g. scarf, pillow case, cushion)
  2. Shaker (e.g. an actual shaker, rice pot, something that makes a shaker sound)

If your child is under 8 years old, they can join our age 2-8 sessions which run alternately.

Get Zoom

  1. Download the app – Click here – Zoom
  2. Create an account
  3. Log in via the device you would like to use for the session (PC / Laptop / Mobile)

How to join the sessions via Zoom 

  1. Once you have emailed to confirm your attendance you will receive an invitation to the event via Google Calendar
  2. At the time of the event click the link in the location section of the Google Calendar event
  3. This will open Zoom on the device you are using, and you and your family will automatically join the online session

July 2, 2022 11:15 am


July 2, 2022 12:15 pm

Fees & Tickets


This event has no entrance fee

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