Tropical Butterfly House

Bookings open: 6th May 2024 at 6pm

🦋 Discover the Enchantment of the Tropics at the Tropical Butterfly House! 🌴

A lush oasis nestled in the tranquil countryside, where the air is alive with the gentle flutter of delicate wings and the melodious chirping of tropical birds. This is the world that awaits you at the Tropical Butterfly House – a sanctuary brimming with life, colour, and wonder, just waiting to be explored.

So, what can you expect to encounter on your visit?

🌺 A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies: Step into our tropical butterfly enclosure and prepare to be mesmerised by a kaleidoscope of colours as hundreds of exotic butterflies flit and dance around you. From the striking Blue Morpho to the graceful Monarch, each species offers a glimpse into the astonishing diversity of the natural world.

🌿 Exotic Wildlife Encounters: Get up close and personal with an array of fascinating creatures from around the globe. From adorable meerkats to majestic birds of prey, our wildlife encounters promise to delight and inspire visitors of all ages. Keep your eyes peeled for surprises around every corner!

🦅 Thrilling Falconry Displays: Marvel at the awe-inspiring sight of birds of prey taking to the skies in exhilarating falconry displays. Watch in wonder as these magnificent raptors showcase their aerial prowess and hunting instincts, a spectacle that is sure to leave you breathless.

🌟 Educational Experiences: Immerse yourself in the world of conservation and learn about the vital role we all play in protecting our planet’s precious ecosystems. Our knowledgeable guides will be on hand to share insights and answer your burning questions, ensuring that your visit is as enriching as it is enjoyable.

But that’s not all – they have got something extra special in store for the little ones (and the young at heart) at their splash zone! Dive into the fun as your kids dig into our sandpits, run through water squirters, and immerse themselves in wet play excitement. And while the kids splash away, you can kick back in a deckchair, soak up the sun, and enjoy a moment of relaxation – all while staying dry!

But here’s a pro tip: if you’re planning to join in on the splash-tastic fun, be sure to bring along a spare change of clothes and a towel. Trust us; you’ll thank us later!

This is a relaxed event. You will need to organise your own transport. A list of attendees will be left at reception check-in so you can arrive and leave at your own discretion. 


  • All areas of the park are accessible apart from one pond viewing area, accessed by steps, in the Bird House.
  • Toilets: There are disabled toilets but NO Changing Place, First Aid Room or space for our Mobile Changing Unit. They do have an adult sized mat that can go on the floor. They have designated, unlocked disabled toilet facilities located in our playpark, activity centre and at Lottie’s Coffee Lounge.
  • Sensory Pack: They have 3 Sensory Packs that can be hired for children with special sensory needs.These bags provide ways to improve focus, create relaxation and help to ensure everyone can get the most out of their day. It contains: A park map, noise cancelling headphones, fidget toys, binoculars, bug magnifying glass, crayons and a colouring sheet. A £20 refundable on return deposit is required. To reserve email
    You can download the story to help prepare here:
  • Wheelchair Hire: Wheelchairs can be hired for a returnable deposit of £20, subject to availability. Please book in advance by contacting or 01909 569416. Visitors are welcome to bring along their own wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • Food: You can bring your own picnic or there are three different eateries around the park. Lottie’s Coffee Lounge is open 9am – 5pm and the Butterfly Cafe opens around 10:30/11am and closes an hour before the park shuts.
  • Parking: Car parking is free for all visitors. Our car park has a well lit, flat, tarmacked Blue Badge and
    disabled parking area spaces located at the main park entrance and entrance to Lottie’s Coffee
    Lounge. Additional visitor parking with further spaces are available on a tarmacked / grass surface
    (with a slight slope to the pathway) with a clearly marked, flat, tarmacked pedestrian pathway
    leading to the park entrance which is accessible by wheelchairs and mobility scooters. On busy days
    our car park attendants help guide visitors who are Blue Badge holders and where possible, those
    with young families, to park as close as possible to the entrance.
  • Dogs and Pets: Dogs and pets are not allowed onsite at the park except for registered assistance dogs.

Full Accessibility Details:

Bookings open: 6th May 2024 at 6pm

Book here:


June 23, 2024 9:00 am


June 23, 2024 5:00 pm

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This event has no entrance fee

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Tropical Butterfly House Woodsetts Road, North Anston,, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 4EQ